Ideal Weight for Women

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Ideal Weight for Women

The ideal weight for women varies greatly from region to region from an individual to another and even at times from one religion to another. However the ideal weight for a woman is just a matter of opinion and hence there is no internationally recognized figure as the ideal weight for a woman.

It is basically a case of personal preference. There is a lot that suggests that the figure of famous celebrities or models should be adopted as the ideal weight for women all over the world. I beg to differ. Like the saying goes beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, weight is an integral part of beauty and as such the ideal weight for women is in the eyes of the beholder. That means we are all entitled to hold own ideas about the ideal weight for women.

What do Men think is the ideal weight for women?

Men all over the world have a unique mental picture of what the perfect woman should be and these ideas are as many as the entire male population on the planet. The ideal weight of women for a man is unique to every man and should be respected. It is undesirable to have figures imposed on us like forced rule dictating the ideal weight for women.

As a woman whatever your ideal weight for women is, it is important both for you physical and psychological health that you maintain it. How do you do this? Here are a few pitfalls to avoid:

The best 8 Tips to maintaining an ideal weight for women;

  1. Do not deprive yourself of essential food elements in the name of dieting. This is not only impractical but also unhealthy. Moderate and you will gain great strides. Eliminating entire food groups in the name of maintaining an ideal weight for women is not an option.
  2. Do not drop your diet when you get the satisfaction of gaining you ideal weight for women at you level. This will only frustrate you since you will gain back all the lost weight.
  3. Plan properly financially since eating healthy can be expensive. Otherwise if you do not you may find yourself broke.
  4. Do not isolate yourself by shying away from public occasions to avoid the temptation of consuming things that may hurt your dieting. Let your host know about the diet before you arrive so that they can make arrangements to accommodate tour needs.
  5. Steer clear of emotional eating. There are some people who eat when they are bored, angry or tiered. This is very unhealthy especially for the dieters.
  6. There are many television programs dedicated to effective weight loss and you may find them quite useful to you while dieting. The tips offered will do you know harm if you pay attention.
  7. Consume a lot of fruits and fresh vegetables these are a good substitute for junk deserts and junk foods for snacks. The fiber in them keeps you satisfied while you lose weight.
  8. Avoid cosmetic surgery to help you lose weight. Surgery should only be for removing the excess skin that is left after you have lost weight.

In order to fully assess your ideal weight for women download our free BMI for Women ebook which contains an BMI chart, BMI calculator and advice on your results as well as what you can do to change things for the better.

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